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Soft Streak

Soft Streak Shares their new song “Keep Your Face On”

Social anxiety is a big topic in the music industry, where everybody is expected to be charming and have a huge personality. Not every single musician is able to do this and that is ok. Soft Streak‘s new song “Keep Your Face On” talks about this issue “I think I had been having these feelings for a while, but I was doing some top notch avoidance work in order to not acknowledge them.” Tori continues, “it’s a pretty universal thing to feel like you haven’t earned your place somewhere, or to feel out of place in a social setting. The lyrics portray a sort of an internal dialogue of how I feel in certain anxiety-inducing situations.”

This is the second single from the Los Angeles duo Soft Streak they create electronic music that focuses more on feelings rather than drops, formed by Tori Schachne and Colton Toy. They are gearing up towards releasing an EP later this year and we are very excited to listen to what they have coming up.

Keep your eyes open for what’s coming next by following Soft Streak on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Furthermore, check out “Keep Your Face On” bellow and share it with your friends.

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