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Solemn Vision

Solemn Vision deliver crushing new single “A Perch For Demons”!

Out on January 26th, the single is a taste of their upcoming full-length record!

Solemn Vision encompass all that metalheads around the globe love: speed, power, heaviness, and musicality. The New York quintet’s sound is for fans of Opeth, Daath, At The Gates and Insomnium.  Previously known as Spectral Voices, the band members are not shy of bringing in their influences to the composition, resulting in Scandinavian style melodies and verses going hand in hand with middle eastern rhythms and death metal riffs, with plenty of technicality on the instruments. The result is a unique, hard, melodic death metal that gained large amounts of fans in the tri-state area in the last 4 years.

Solemn Vision’s first single “A Perch For Demons” blasts off immediately, with hard riffs and even harder vocals. The single is a highly energetic 5 minutes, each band member shining through at different moments.  This track is a great example of both Solemn Vision’s sound and what we can expect from their upcoming self titled full length, due out late March of this year.

The album was recorded at Four Legs Records in Washingtonville, New York in late 2018, and was mixed and mastered by Steve Goldman. The sound of the record is direct and uncompromising, with studio embellishments kept to a minimum to let the rawness and energy of the music take the spotlight

Listen to Solemn Vision’s  “A Perch For Demons” here:

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