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 Sonarpilot Drops new Single/Video “Fossil”

Shifting and turning much like the tide on the ocean, the beat is at the core of every emotion we encounter in the new single from Sonarpilot, “Fossil,” and its amazing music video. The video is a postmodern visual masterpiece that takes us into superimposed textures that seem to reflect the rigidity of the music in ways that no other artistry possibly could have, but even at its most intriguing, the rhythm of the music is what draws the lion’s share of our attention. Sonarpilot is toying with the tools of sonic gods here, and his efforts don’t deserve to go unrewarded.


Even without the presence of lyrics, this single and its music video tell us a story that would have potentially been hindered by the limitations of linguistics were it presented to us through more conventional means. “Fossil” strikes at us with the ebbtide of tones that form its essential harmony, and while the melodic faceting here is quite breathtaking, it again has none of the weight that the percussion does. Every moment that passes between the start of the song and the conclusion feels physically-engaging; not because of synthesized components but, ironically, organic drum pulsations.

The video for “Fossil” might be the most accessible piece of avant-garde material that I’ve reviewed in the year 2020, which is definitely saying something when you think about how many experimental offerings have been making their way out of the shadows and into the headlines lately. There’s nothing overly aggressive about any part of this music, and the video itself – as surreal as it undisputedly is – never devolves into assaultive imagery more akin to something out of the noise underground. Sonarpilot isn’t gunning for commercial airplay, but college radio is likely to take notice of what he’s done in this latest release.

While it’s definitely something that was tailored more to the needs of the experimental fan than it was the casual mainstream consumer, there’s no denying that Sonarpilot’s “Fossil” is one of the most compelling spins in its category this July for one main reason – compositional integrity. As both a video and a single, “Fossil” is a solid work of art that works to evolve its performers sound through creative conceptualism that never steps into overambitious territory. I like what it says about the future of this artist’s sound, and I think you’ll be inclined to agree with me.

John McCall

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