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“Sorry” (featuring Fashion Jackson) from Flangr

The new song “Sorry” (featuring Fashion Jackson) from Flangr is irresistibly pop electronica at its height. Deep diving timbred vocals and an ecstatic music bed run amuck in this delicious dance obsession. From the first opening helicopter-hovering like measures, to the fade away pulses, Chile’s Flangr creates an atmosphere of sultry rhythms and boundless beats. Sounding like a night out, or deep into a night of pleasures, the sonic candy that is “Sorry” (featuring Fashion Jackson) truly makes its mark.

Flangr, the moniker of Joaquín Macaya, describes himself as a Chilean Urban Dark Pop artist focused on mixing Latin and American cultures. Among his artistic medium is graffiti paintings. I bring that up because after a few listens to “Sorry” you begin to develop a sense of the vibrant movement happening. At times the sonic waves are short and deliberate, at other moments Flangr creates longer wispier blends. It’s all very surreal and mysterious. The music base also becomes an ecosystem of its making. I also felt a strong sense of romanticism in all of it. Drama and love colliding all-at-once. I’m merely speculating, but perhaps the way he approaches the graffiti canvas or wall, he does the same with his music. This song is full of life, full of colors of the spectrum. There are moments when neon emerges, like street signs and the colors of Vegas. Other split seconds, where there are bursts of lights like the city has just awoken.

The lyrics are sung in English. I’m so sorry, the male voice sings in the chorus. A second voice is a nice balance, and presumably male, weaves in-and-out about the second stanza. One of the lines, something out of control anymore, made me think that this song is about a person apologizing to their family and their loved ones for their addictions. I can only surmise that this song is about the challenges many people face in trying to fit in, and finding that balance to have a night life, be out with friends and not be exposed to nefarious things. This song feels very joyful, albeit juxtaposed to sometimes darker tones. I wanted to keep re-visiting it. I think for me the song’s theme changed each time. The storyline might have changed, the chance to escape into the sonic tendrils did not. I felt moved each time, and Flangr communicates a strong message of acceptance, dance beats and lots of imagination.

Listeners that want a chance to engulf themselves in a fresh, relentlessly genius electro pop will not be disappointed with this track. I found myself enamored with the sonic bliss and the coiled vocals. So much of this song is about feeling the tones, embracing the melodies. Flangr makes that very easy, with the help of Fashion Jackson. If you’re into artists like Grouplove, Cage The Elephant, Passion Pit but also want a bit more darker tones, then Flangr should definitely be on your radar. You can only be right with “Sorry” (featuring Fashion Jackson).

John McCall

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