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Space Mode: The “where to go” after Depeche Mode

So, unless you’ve been very busy or very much under a rock, you’ll know that Depeche Mode is playing the American Airlines Arena on September 15th. You’ll be there, we’ll be there, and we can safely assume that everyones mothers and grandmothers will also be in attendance. But what to do after? these shows tend to be done before midnight, and after a Depeche Mode live show one does not simply go to bed. Moreover, it will be a Friday night! Sleep? What is that “sleep” thing you talk about?

So we have something for you. Project Mayhem and Strange Media have come together to create a unique afterparty for the Depeche Mode concert. What to expect? Everything!

Groovolution Entertainment is bringing fire dancers! Visual artist Jeff Portal is bringing an array of lights and lasers to get the party visually up to par with the rather amazing selection of local talent that is playing that night. Smurphio, Virgo, Otto Von Schirach, The Galactic Effect, and many more!

To go with all the human powered entertainment, there is also a Virtual Reality exhibition, with  VR game “Water Planet” created by Virgo, and a selection of works by VR Miami, a company established to bring together the local art and technology sector through virtual and augmented reality mediums.

The event will be held at Armando Records (some of our older fans and reader might recognize the address of the former club Vagabond) which is less than a mile away from the Depeche Mode show at AA Arena. Additionally there will be a marketplace featuring vendors such as Silver Skylight Jewelry and live painting by some of Miami’s top local talent including Cortney Cates of Omnigaze Media and Wendy Carey who will be providing an interactive canvas allowing guests to actually participate hands on.

For more info follow the Facebook event and get your Tickets here.




By Joe Tenny

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