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“Stay” by the Dublin-based JamLive

In their first single of 2020, the supple “Stay,” the Dublin-based JamLive continue to wow indie audiences with a fascinating blend of dreampop-style surrealism and searing post-millennium alternative rock balladry. Both the video for “Stay” and the song on its own hold a strong sense of postmodernity close to its core foundation, but there’s not an overwhelmingly experimental vibe to any of the track’s stunningly captivating harmonies. A vocal-centric pop tune with shades of psychedelic ambience that extend well beyond sonic cosmetics alone, JamLive’s latest single is a haunting number to say the very least.

There’s so much tension in the buildup to this song’s potent climax, and even if it’s experienced without the accompanying imagery in the music video for “Stay,” listeners will find it just as inescapable. JamLive are employing a stealthy modus operandi in this composition, and there’s definitely an argument to be made that they’re exhibiting more aesthetically leftist ambitions here than they had in “Free” or its 2019 counterpart in “Brand New Day.” The emotion here is really powerful, unavoidable and constantly bearing down on us through one channel or another, and that’s a heck of a lot more than I can say for some of the other tracks people are abuzz over this month.


After hearing what JamLive have to say in “Stay,” I think it’s clear that their creative trajectory is taking them towards a proper studio album in the near future. Their sound is larger than life and could potentially hold a more engaging edge if presented to us in a more progressive format, which leads me to believe that we’re only getting a taste of what they can really throw down in this single. JamLive are undisputedly one of the smarter indie bands to watch right now, and that’s proven beyond a doubt in “Stay.”

John McCall

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