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Suldusk – Explore the beautiful darkness with “Drogue”

Put on your leathers, check your boots, grab your pack and lets wander into the dark, magical sounds of Suldusk‘s “Drogue”. The track is one of those that make your mind drift, that take you somewhere far away so gently and swiftly that reality comes back as a shock at the end of the song. Just two guitars and vocals make up the track, and even the “full band puritans” will enjoy it.

“Drogue”‘ sounds dark and mysterious, but at the same time there is light, as if filtering through trees. It reminds me of some of the more acoustic tracks by Wolves In The Throne Room, and of course many people positively compare Suldusk with Chelsea Wolfe (Wow, lots of wolves!).

Suldusk is Em Highfield (vocals/acoustic guitar) and Nick Blackmore (acoustic guitar), and hail from Melbourne, Australia. The duo has gained a loyal following in their area playing their partucular brand of “Acoustic Blackgaze”, and are planning to release a full length album at some point in 2018. It seems that everything these days makes you wait. TV series, tours, full length Suldusk… the list goes on. We’ll try to be patient.

In the meantime, lets listen to “Drogue”

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