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Sule - Love Me

Sule – “Love Me”

By: Lance Wright

The latest single from songwriter/musician/vocalist Sule, “Love Me”, is one of the most ingratiating new singles anyone will likely hear in 2018. Sule has logged years and miles working and sharing stages with some of the greatest performers in popular music such as Celine Dion and Lionel Richie, among others, and the lessons learned supporting some of the art form’s most popular talents serves him well in his own music. There’s intense soul, however, that he brings out in songs that, essentially, has its roots in R&B music, but shows a chameleon like ability to work within any style. “Love Me” is a tune straight out of the Americana playbook with its roots in jazz, blues, and classic country that Sule smooths out with deceptive gravitas and impeccable timing. “Love Me” is a song that gets under your skin with the first hearing and its impact only deepens with each additional listen.

The song opens with the steady amble of acoustic guitar paired up with Sule’s bluesy, smooth vocals. It’s easy to latch onto the tempo from the first and the song has an infectiousness sure to have you bobbing your head from the outset. It’s impossible to not admire the arrangement as it values directness over any unnecessary ornamentation and uses its best elements with some welcome discernment – harmony vocals strengthen Sule’s already fine singing, but they are employed only at key points like the chorus and, thus, exert much more of an effect on the song’s overall quality. The easy unfolding of melody is also handled in an understated, yet immensely artful, sort of way that does even more to distinguish this tune from customary offerings in this vein. There’s no question the track has a distinctly commercial edge, both vocally and musically, but there’s undeniable substance behind the tune.

The lyrics are on target without ever attempting to overshadow the music. There’s obviously great care taken to dovetail the words according to the arrangement’s needs, but this never subverts its chance to make a statement on its own. It’s raised up even higher by Sule’s superior vocal treatment and his mix of slinky smooth phrasing running right alongside an appealing soulful edge replete with a hint of gravel in his vocal chords. This mix of R&B style soul with just enough blues gives the vocal an emotive and never self-indulgent air. The percussive nature underlying the musical arrangement lines up well with the same qualities in Sule’s delivery to make for a more unified track. “Love Me” is unforgettable for a number of reasons and marks what, undoubtedly, will ultimately be rated as one of the most memorable moments in this Canadian artist’s career. One listen to these polished verses and exultant chorus will convince you he’s a first class talent you want to hear more from and, undoubtedly, we shall. It’s a great moment for music fans both young and old.

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