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‘Sweat’ With Bad’s New Single To Get In Shape For Summer

New York’s duo BAD is hitting every work out playlist in the ethers with their latest single ‘Sweat.’ A sensational groove bringing back the funk, this excitable throwback was inspired by a 90s Barbie aesthetic. Lizzo and Prince are called to mind in what is sure to become the jam of the summer. Grab your leg warmers and ‘Sweat’:

Though the 90s take the credit for this track’s inspo, it equally evokes thoughts from all the good things about 80s tunes. The song’s spacious atmosphere gives way the chorus coming in with a sweeping drop of harmonies and subdued trumpets keep it sultry. A flirtatious bass and groovy drum keep the song hot, while the build in the song is sure to make you sweat, too. Popping rhythms and a swagger akin to Janelle Monae and Lizzo, you can’t help but follow BADs lead: “One and two and right and left.”

“We tried to marry the humor of workout culture with sexual empowerment. It’s not supposed to take itself too seriously. It has silly references like ‘bend, snap’ and ‘dry shampoo’ to keep it light.” Fun, light hearted self-empowerment is a frequent theme in the duo’s music, as they strive to make people feel good. Having met in high school, Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman have been writing and recording music together for over eight years, primarily focusing on pop and production for other artists. BAD was formed out of a mutual love for funk and pop sensibilities, bringing us a nostalgia infused new wave of dance music. “We essentially want to be what a Prince and Max Martin collaboration could have been!”

Groove along with BAD and stay tuned on their Instagram.

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