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leo harmonay

Leo Harmonay – Lharmonic

Leo Harmonay has rightly established a strong reputation in the American northeast as one of the best singer/songwriters working today. It’s built on two previous studio releases and well received live performances that his third effort, LHarmonic, expands upon in unexpected ways. The six songs...


Suldusk – Explore the beautiful darkness with “Drogue”

Put on your leathers, check your boots, grab your pack and lets wander into the dark, magical sounds of Suldusk's "Drogue". The track is one of those that make your mind drift, that take you somewhere far away so gently and swiftly that reality comes...


BELLFLOWER, led by singer-songwriter Em Pompa, is an octet of soulful and ingenious musicians from Montreal, Canada. Their sound is dense, intricate and tastefully layered -- “Baby” in particular is passionate and emotive, and fluctuates between Pompa’s enchanting vocals and explosive yet controlled rhythms. What...