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Vinyl Floor

Vinyl Floor release new Album

By John McCall Within the first few seconds of “Ivory Tower,” the first of ten tracks in Vinyl Floor’s gorgeous new LP Apogee, the slightest notion that we’re about to listen to anything similar to the rock music of 2018 is instantly dismissed, and we’re left...


FREI goes liquid with “Moody”

"Moody" is an adventure for the ears. It's a track that has you waiting to figure out what's behind the next sonic corner. Chillstep, downtempo, and old school dubsetp wobbles make up for a very relaxed almost soothing melody. It's starts a little crackly, as...

Masasolo – “My Medicine”

Time to psych it up!! "My Medicine" is an easy to listen psych rock track with soaring melodies and multiple effects on the vocals. Masasolo is a Danish band based in Copenhagen, formed early this year as a brainchild of Morten Soegaard. That’s 2016, for...