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IVATU gets cold and bleak in their single “I’m Her”

The music is beautiful, akin to falling snow. The video itself is dark enough to make a Black Metal band proud. The end result is quite riveting. With "I'm Her" the Russian trio IVATU manages to seamlessly blend darkwave, trip-hop, and poetry into a song that...

slow babylon

Slow Babylon – “Funk About It”

With a name like Slow Babylon, one can already imagine that the track will be chill laid back, but what I didn't expect was the full timehop back, to a sound that combines the neon colors of the 90's with a groove straight out of...


Russian metalers Tiavara present “When Silence Reigns”

Hailing from Korolev, on the outskirts of Moscow, Tiavara bring us their brand of melodic metal, which sounds kind of just on the edge between classic British heavy metal and the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal. The result is "When Silence Reigns" a heavy...