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Tanille Drops New Christmas Single

Tanille is ready for Christmas. She’s got the tree decorated and she’s home waiting by the fire for her sweetie. Now she just needs to make sure that Santa brings him home for the holiday. In “Santa Don’t Pass Me By” Tanille is hopeful and sprite. Standing by the mistletoe, she’s taking a few extra breaths, wishing upon the star that Santa delivers her special someone. “Santa Don’t Pass Me By” is bouncy and a bright addition to the season’s holiday playlist.

A festive music bed, complete with a relaxing saxophone, it’s easy to forget that Tanille is a bit nervous about the night. Just like the rest of the world, she believes Santa can make it all seem better. She makes her listener feel the same. The colors that emerge in the music are indeed ribbons of greens, reds and golds. Tanille emits an elastic range, with a penchant for hitting the higher notes. If you really want a label, then this soprano is mesmerizing. She’s the type of singer that conveys exactly what she wants and she allows the listener to escape into their own devices. I fell prey to her melody and hummed along just like I’d been awaiting this song all day.

Santa don’t you pass me by, Santa don’t you pass me by, Santa don’t you pass me by, Tanille sings. The tempo is fun and the fun spirit shines through, as if she were streaming tinsel all over the room. That sounds tackier than I want it to be – but tinsel can be very classy when used in small doses. I craved more doses of Tanille’s voice! She has this bedazzled mix of jewels in her voice, like she’s glass and you don’t want to break her. I loved the intimacy she creates in this storyline, as well as the mood she creates with her vocal delivery. I think she reveals some vulnerability in this song, and you don’t hear that as much in pop, fun loving Christmas songs. I think in that regard, she breaks the mold. This is a great song to reflect upon, but it’s also one that you feel engaged in the story. What happened? You don’t get the sense they fought, but she even says there’s a miscommunication. I wanted them to make up by the song’s end and him walking through the door. Will he? You’ll have to listen for yourself.

Based in New York, Tanille continues to give listeners a wide range of her capabilities and talents. You can also hear her lush voice in the dramatic and empowering “Not This Time”. Other songs like “Baby Come Back to Me” and “Feel It” gives this publish children and young adult author a varied sonic plate for which listeners can marinate even longer in her work. I definitely think fans of Mariah Carey, Madonna, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Brian McKnight and Robin Thicke will want “Santa Don’t Pass Me By” on their radar. Tanille has a great holiday song to hang proudly from her mantle.

John McCall

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