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Taylor Renee Marx releases “Overwhelming Love” (Single)

Twenty one year old Texan born singer Taylor Renee Marx delivers every bit of herself into her new single “Overwhelming Love” and proves herself a performing artist of the highest caliber. She has brought her outstanding vocal talents to a number of regional venues but this single shows that she has the extraordinary potential for carrying a message of hope and renewal far beyond the American South – “Overwhelming Love”, regardless of your beliefs or lack thereof, has the tools to reach a global audience and elevate whomever hears it. It is an early harbinger of musical work she will continue when she re-enters the studio in early 2020 and, if her forthcoming material equals or surpasses what we hear here, the new year will prove to be the most important yet in Marx’s young life.

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“Overwhelming Love” can slot into a variety of musical styles. It, without a doubt, has strong pop strains that any listener will readily identify, but it also has strong rock influences running throughout the performance, particularly its dramatic peaks in the track’s second half. Marx’s vocal, however, is pure pop deliciousness with a strong gospel influence unsurprisingly felt in every line.

It isn’t bluesy Southern gospel, however, but rather modern gospel with its balladic inclinations and pop sensibilities. She has a voice capable of soaring to heights few other singers can reach, but she has range to spare as well – she’s every bit as convincing in the lower registers and the contrast of these varying approaches makes the listening experience all the more enjoyable for the audience.

The lyrical content is first rate, but her singing raises its quality several notches. The personal connection she has with material comes across with every line and when it reaches its climatic moments you get a real sense of the transformative effects what she sings about has exerted over her life. There’s never anything cookie cutter or paint by numbers about this outing. Marx is clearly committed to conveying the importance of that connection to listeners and does so with the sort of audible ease we associate with the finest vocalists.

The guitar playing has a lot of variety and, despite effects post-production and otherwise, listeners gain a clear sense of its merits. This points to another central strength of the tune – despite the pomp and circumstance surrounding the track, we never get any sense that the widescreen treatment the song receives is bloated or overcooked. There’s a guiding tastefulness controlling this song and how it develops that, I think, any audience will respect.

“Overwhelming Love” is a top shelf example of what modern gospel is capable of achieving and we’ll undoubtedly hear more from Taylor Renee Marx as the years go on. It’s a good sign she’s returning to the studio in early 2020 to work on new material – people who love this track as I do will be chomping at the bit to hear what she offers us next. I am sure it will be superb in every way.

John McCall

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