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Texas Indie/Emo legends Mineral are playing Miami this week!

Whether you’re pulling your old self out of storage and taking a trip down memory lane, or experiencing it for the firt time, Mineral is definitelly on your “to do” list this Wednesday!

The story of the band Mineral (TX) is one that we know well, but we don’t see too often turn out well. They slam-dunked into underground (and aboveground) fame in the ’90s, and after 4 years they broke up. Their second album came out after the split. Their music rose in fame after the band’s demise, as it tends to happen. But, hallelujah!, Mineral resurrected in 2014, and played a bunch of shows! Now in early 2019, the band is celebrating 25 years, and has released new music recently!

This brings us to this Wednesday, January 9, 2019. Mineral will be throwing down at The Ground at Club Space in Downtown Miami, using and abusing one of the best sound systems the country has to offer! The show is being put together by our friends at Heroes Live Entertainment.

Joining Mineral on the lineup will be Tancred, Jess Abbott’s (ex Now, Now) solo act, on tour promoting her 4th full-length Nightstand! That’s a pretty prolific track record for Abbot, who formed Tancred in 2011! Also on the stage, we’ll be able to see Tampa’s Pohgoh, that just last year released their first album in 21 years!! That’s quite a bit of time for a band not to put out music, don’t you think? To see their new album Secret Club in a live setting is already reason enough to go to the show!

Here are the details! The Ground, located at 34 NE 11th St, Miami, will open doors at 7pm, show starts at 8pm sharp!
Since it’s a weekday, the three bands are scheduled to be done by 11pm, so whoever has to get some shut-eye can enjoy the show regardless! Get your tickets here, they are cheaper online than at the door! See you this Wednesday evening!!

Now, let’s blast some of the new Mineral material, to get in the mood! This track is as fresh as you can get ’em!


Also, check out the rest of the amazing shows that Heroes Live Entertainment has lined up for this Winter/Spring season!!

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