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That Gum You Like – KILLER

The Brazilian duo That Gum U Like  was right on the mark when they named their track KILLER, although probably their reasons are different than mine. My opinion is: KILLER is a killer track! It is slow, bass heavy, sweet and addictive, in the sense that it draws you in so much that when it ends you hammer the repeat button.

Slow, heavy intro, dreamy and dazed vocals, distorted synth lines… what’s not to like? The track has enough heavy sounds to keep most hard-heads happy, and the dream-pop and shoegaze influences are super noticeable, the trip-hop maybe not so much but I hear some. The end result is a very particular version of electro-pop that kind of makes you want to say “Hey, that ain’t pop at all!”

The band says that their music is heavily influenced by the TV series Twin Peaks and its atmosphere. I cannot confirm not deny this, having never sen the show, but this is a good chance to check for yourself right now!

Let’s listen to KILLER, by That Gum U Like:

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