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The Art of Color – Catching up with Amy Miller from Saints n’ Scissors

– Picture by Marisa Matlock


When we think about the concept of “Art” the first thing that tends to come to mind are classic paintings, modern art installations, sculptures, movies… but the meaning goes way beyond that. Imagination, ideas and concepts can be expressed in many different ways including many modern outlets that are often not included in the umbrella definition of art, such as tattoos, modern dance performances, street art (graffiti) … and what about hair styling and coloring? One’s own image can (and should) be considered art too, right?

To answer that question we talked to Amy Miller, co-owner of Saints n’ Scissors, TML’s favorite salon in Miami.

In this interview Amy shares her motivations and inspirations as a hair artists and entrepreneur. She also tells what are the must have products on her daily kit and brings some light on common mistakes and misconceptions. If you are a hair and beauty enthusiast you will find this interview inspiring!

Also make sure to scroll down all the way until the end of the article to find out all the information about a special Mother’s Day event we are organizing with Saints n’ Scissors for May 11th!


When and how you discovered your passion for color and styling? 
I’ve always leaned toward alternative fashion and I wanted to get involved in something where people can be their true selves. With the advice from my mom who is also a hair stylist. I checked out a cosmetology school and it hit me! Hair coloring and styling is where I can be myself artistically and create a look for someone expressing how they see themselves

What have been your biggest challenges as a hair professional so far?
I love a good challenge, but the one thing I’m always battling is keeping clients educated on home hair coloring. A lot of clients use box color as a quick fix or change. They think what they’re using is ok, but it actually isn’t and causing damage.

Hair by Amy Miller at Saints n Scissors

Hair by Amy Miller at Saints n Scissors

You are not just a hair stylist but also an entrepreneur. Tell us the story and concept behind Saints n’ Scissors. 
After recovering from a terrible accident, I decided I was going to start achieving goals I had set for myself. One of them was to open a Hair salon. I had worked in many salons through out my career and I always got the same vibe. Very uncomfortable, pretentious and way over priced. My idea was to create the complete opposite. A place where anyone could go and feel comfortable, no matter what their personal style was. A salon that has a great team and treats all of our clients as part of the family.

Back in day people would just dye their hair black, blonde or brunette, there weren’t many options… But now I’m sure that you have more than one client a week asking for rainbow colored hair. Do you consider hair coloring an art? 
Hair coloring is 100% art.
Being able to create beautiful colors and apply them in a specific way to bring a persons look to life comes from a natural talent within. Now that rainbow,unicorn and vivid colors are more acceptable our range of creativity is endless.

Who is your style icon?
This industry evolves so fast, that there have been so many names I would consider style icons, but I’m going to take it back to Tish And Snooky Bellomo the creators of manic panic. They were the original innovators of the fantasy color, Vivid, unicorn hair trends from back in the punk days of the 80’s

What hair products or tools are always in your kit? 
Must Haves for me right now are, Oribe impermeable anti humidity spray, Davines essential hair care Oi oil ,Oi milk and my Hattori Hanzo Shears.

What are common mistakes or misconceptions that you often see in the hair world?
Sometimes I get clients that have been over highlighted and processed by stylists doing too many foils or not using bleach properly. I believe LESS is MORE! Creating a color using less highlights or foils to create a more natural look catered to the client.

What do you love the most about your profession?  
I love seeing the reaction of my clients face once I finished creating the look they’ve wanted and some how couldn’t get. Being able to be creative and make someone happy is what I love most!


Too Much Love teamed up with Saints n’ Scissors for a special Mother’s day event on May 11th.
The FREE event will feature a wine tasting and amazing vendors. Visit the Facebook event for more info.


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