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The Bonnier Gallery opens Word Play

Since The Bonnier Gallery opened its doors in January of this year, Christina and Grant Bonnier have hosted an impressive array of minimalist and conceptual art shows. With a manifesto of exposing Miami’s art scene to an international audience, and conversely exposing Miami to work normally exclusive to Basel, the gallery owners have certainly been putting in the work. As their last pop-up “Mick Rock: A Retrospective” draws to a close, The Bonnier Gallery opens Word Play, their latest exhibition. The work of six artists will examine how language functions, and the way we comprehend it. Through several mediums “Word Play” examines how language functions and the way we comprehend it. The exhibition will open tomorrow June 6th starting with a reception at 6:30 pm. Word Play will be at the Allapattah space until July 13th.

The artists:

Fiona Banner and Benjamin Bellas often utilize text within their work. While Banner transforms works from popular culture into fine art, Bellas uses performance, poetry, and sculpture to address the experience of understanding. Mel Bochner, a conceptual artist, is best known for his text-based paintings that intersect linguistic and visual experience. In contrast, David Moreno’s works on paper symbolically ask, “How are words made?”. His work often hides or layers information, developing visual poetry compelling the viewer to decipher it. Kay Rosen is an artist with formal linguistic credentials. She works with words and punctuation almost exclusively, testing definitions and commenting on social issues using wry humor. Damon Zucconi uses software programming “languages”—including speech and handwriting synthesizers—to create art that is more-or-less readable.

The Bonnier Gallery opens Word Play June 6th. The galleries store hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm.

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