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The Cerny Brothers

2019 has been an enormous year for Nashville based artists, The Cerny Brothers. The duo was signed to Cleveland International Records the newly relaunched record label formally ran by legendary record executive Steve Popovich. The label released records from iconic acts like Meat Loaf, Ronnie Spector and The E Street Band to name a few. The labels current President, Steve Popovich Jr, says of the Cerny Brothers,”You’d be hard pressed to find another band with the all-around talent as these two guys.” Their new album Looking For The Good Land is already garnering rave reviews. Rolling Stone declares the duo “Americana Artists You Need To Know”

This LP contains a litany of elegant melodies to satisfy even the most discriminating of music enthusiasts and doesn’t slow down once it gets started.

The Brothers are the closest thing that alternative country has to a savior right now. The production is stellar and their love of country comes shining through which is refreshing. The tracks are the most progressive-minded songs I have heard in a long while. Looking for the Good Land is completely devoid of the self-righteousness that has been slowly pushing alternative country away from the establishment, and for every ego-laden track it doesn’t have it contains a surprisingly self-aware ballad in its place.

Take the song “Million Miles” for example. Here we have an intellectually stimulating folk song with a modern bend that you would assume would be brilliantly palatable to southern hipsters, but it goes out of its way to avoid predictability. Instead of swaying into the realm of somber elegies it skirts against much more comforting tones and relaxes us with its major key shine. Someone told me that you can’t make music with a positive tone in 2019 without it sounding trite and convoluted; they obviously haven’t heard this song, or anything that The Cerny Brothers have been working on lately.

They’re lead single I Wanna Love You has incredible commercial appeal and is extremely relatable, and I think that Looking for the Good Land is The Cerny Brothers’ most focused release to date. Diehard fans of the group will not be disappointed in its well-rounded interpretation of their signature sound and the newcomers will be taken aback by how complete and on point their material is in every track it offers. Their journey isn’t over yet, it seems like the fire is just getting started for these two and I look forward to these tracks on repeat.  

John McCall

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