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The Collect Pond (Danny Moffat) release EP

Danny Moffat is an excellent artist from the likes of his new The Collect Pond EP, In The Garden, which speaks volumes on behalf of that and more to tell about this great release in the middle of a time of uncertainty. Moffat is from the northwest but wrote this album when recently moving from New York to the tree-lined Cambridge, MA. And the obvious concept of the EP is Covid-19 based, with some urban perspective given at the time of recording and the whole social distancing factor being a clear thread of subject matter.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/thecollectpond/

“Travelling” is a thing Moffat is good for the opening title as he’s been around the block, and it doesn’t matter if you know him or not. Hist bio speaks for itself and can be found for proof of that, which comes as recommended here as all aspects of of The Collect Pond and the mastermind, Moffat, himself. In fact, I had to listen to this several times before I could even move on to the next few songs. I found it to be that special and I think Moffat should be more noteworthy. This is a great track but there is so much more to chew on.

I also loved hearing everything about all these amazing tracks, especially once I heard them enough to sink my ears into the beauty of it all. “Hieronymus Bosch” is a seriously good piece of work, but you do need to pay close enough attention or it will fly right by. The best thing to do is play each number ore than once and it’s a good thing there are only four of them or it could he a harder task in the distracting times. But there is so much to dig into here for such a short running time EP, it’s a must hear for die hard music fans.

“Washing Dishes” is the inevitable title for a pandemic centered release, but it doesn’t capitalize on anything but good honest music and a sense of irony to back it. If you have any kind of a sense of humor and affection for well-produced semi-acoustic music you are in for a treat with In The Garden’s four great numbers, including this one. They’re all evenly arranged so there’s no filler and it lacks nothing whatsoever. This is a 100% effort to get music to the people during an otherwise bad moment in time.

SAMPLE ON BANDCAMP: https://thecollectpond.bandcamp.com/track/washing-dishes

The production values are high, even if it was done quickly, as it was done by well experienced hands including Moffat, and that’s only saying a little bit about from where he comes. “In Between the Seasons” takes things out the way it should, with all the above described as well as can be for a short but enormously satisfying release. The tremendous among of heart and soul, combined with wit and charm are what take Moffat to the right places on this and the aforementioned tracks. Don’t miss this great EP by a fantastic artist/band.

John McCall

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