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The Dream Logic Release “Cisco Kid”

The idea of assembling a band capable of combining a wide variety of genres (and not genres most folks come by early on their musical journeys, mind you), might feel like an impossible feat for even some of the most reputable groups. A lot of established bands find the mantra “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” to serve their wheelhouse considerably well. Staying in your musical lane can bring success within repetition and polishing, but The Dream Logic appears to say “And where’s the fun in that? Having released their first LP in 2013, and a couple of LPs since, The Dream Logic is a New York-based musical collective that undoubtedly and unabashedly wears their heart on their sleeve. The band has paid tribute to great groups and genres since their inception with the wide breadth of sounds and instruments known to crop up on releases under their name, so the news that their most recent single would be a straight-up cover song was surprising at first until it wasn’t. The career pathway of The Dream Logic has followed a road map that feels written on four-dimensional paper with a wide variety of inks and textures, there is no telling where the sounds and inspirations for such an eclectic group might go next.

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With their first outing of 2021, The Dream Logic’s rendition of “Cisco Kid” (first made popular by 70s funk/soul icons War, which younger readers might know from their hit song “Low Rider”) is both something we should have seen coming and probably couldn’t have guessed the existence of if we had even one hundred chances to do so – the cover is mostly true to the original but does take some liberties within showcasing The Dream Logic’s flourishes as a band. The drum work is most notable in its uniqueness compared to the War version, as drummer Camille Gainer serves an MVP move by ripping open the introduction of the song with drum work enough to make War’s percussive bandleader Harold Brown blush. The dynamite entrance is only further made all the more intriguing by Charles Compo, leading man and composer, and Jerry Brooks on bass, entering the fold and knocking the homage out of the park in a funky, loud statement only this band could deliver on. The heart and soul are evident, and the band seems to truly care about the material they are paying tribute to.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Cisco-Kid/dp/B00LVGAWNW

While the song might not replace the original on anyone’s playlist, no cover has ever set out to do so and the respect is well-earned for this New York trio. The attention to detail not only in composition but in attitude and approach when covering a band as storied as War is admirably done, and worth giving attention to. The Dream Logic is more than happy to break the ice on your introduction to War’s iconic track and seem more than able to put on a show worthy of the funk legends. The cover will surely make a grand entry within any live setlist.

John McCall

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