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The Elected Officials’ “Death for Sale” (single/video)

Physical to the point of verging on pulverization and yet disturbingly crisp and lean in the grander scheme of things, the beat that pushes The Elected Officials’ “Death for Sale” out of the speakers is arguably the most potent element in the foundation of this latest single from the up and coming punk unit (which is definitely no small statement to make when considering just how beefy everything in this track sounds and feels).


The Elected Officials aren’t pulling punches in this song, nor its equally jarring music video, and in an era that has been feeling a little weak among punk rock output, theirs is just the breath of fresh air a lot of us needed to hear this month.

The lyrics in this track are definitely politically charged – and will likely be derided by some depending on their own personal views on gun-control – but I myself don’t find the narrative behind the verses in “Death for Sale” to be socially polarizing in the least. It’s difficult to strike a balance between forging a powerful anti-violence anthem and making something that will definitely repel some in the population from your sound, but in this situation, I think The Elected Officials created a more democratic solution (in the form of songcraft) than many of our actual representatives in congress have in years.

As fast and furious as a classic hardcore punk single but slightly more melodic and cosmetically-conscious in the style of a modern alternative rock model, The Elected Officials’ “Death for Sale” is certainly an intriguing release for anyone who loves this genre of music, and moreover, listeners who feel like getting a bit more rebellious than they normally would this spring.

“Death for Sale” doesn’t reinvent the punk rock wheel, but honestly, it didn’t need to – it’s stuck in my head just the same.

John McCall

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