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The Forevers – “Rockets Fly” and “Frederique”

There’s something unique about sibling duos in pop music that has always held a deep appeal to audiences around the globe, and for The Forevers, it’s a bond that is producing some of the more intriguing tracks the genre has seen in a while with the release of “Rockets Fly” and “Frederique.” In both of these singles and their accompanying music videos, The Forevers make it clear that pomp-filled pop is the last thing they want to be known for. Instead, they’re applying a barebones compositional style to wonderfully indulgent melodic components in these tracks – and raising the bar for their scene in Poland in the process.

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“Rockets Fly” is tense to the point of feeling stiff in its rhythm in a couple of spots, but that tension is key to appreciating the catharsis created by the lead vocal’s dueling with the instrumentation in the background. The rhythm here is really pendulous, making the beat come off as being a little frustrated as we approach the chorus, and once we’re in the clutches of the hook, everything comes apart under the unassumingly pressurized presence of the singing. It’s delicate and devastatingly physical all at once, which is a difficult balance for even the most talented of artists to strike.

The string play in “Frederique,” alongside some of the French verses, provides us a vague allusion to retro Parisian pop, which is something The Forevers were admittedly trying to accomplish when they conceived the song back in 2018. I like that, while they’re obviously paying homage to some of their influences with this specific composition, they’re very careful to avoid all of the pitfalls commonly associated with playing a track as endeared to its forerunners as this one is. That takes some legit skill, and more importantly, respect for the source material in the first place.

From a videography perspective, the design of “Rockets Fly” and “Frederique” is entirely simpler than I would have ever expected either to be, contrasting significantly with the elaborate tones of the music they were meant to support. That said, it’s in the aesthetical conflicts that these two videos work as well as they do – while the soundtracks are robust and brimming with pop charm, the videos are influenced by minimalism and postmodernity that doesn’t invite indulgence into the grander scheme of things. It further demonstrates how diverse an act The Forevers are (if that already wasn’t made clear enough).

Stylistically provocative and full of poetic substance in every department that actually counts in this genre of music, “Frederique” and “Rockets Fly” together make for one amazingly great way of meeting The Forevers and getting acquainted with their artistic narrative. Poland has given us some inarguable indie gems in the last four decades of popular music, and in 2020, I would be lying if I said this brother and sister combo weren’t giving us plenty of reason to keep a close eye on their output as they find a home on the international stage.

John McCall

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