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The glare of a neon sign illuminates The Bobbleheads

The glare of a neon sign illuminates The Bobbleheads as they lay into a furious riff in the opening frame of the music video for “I Really See You.” The band finds its groove immediately, wasting no time before crushing us in rock-solid rhythm that resonates with a ten-ton bassline, but in the center of all the discord, we find a light and airy vocal to lead the way. A masked man appears, shrouded in red light and looking as perplexed and bored as a faceless figure could without making discernable expressions. A city bus wraps around the corner, and our protagonist is compelled to suddenly stand up and wander the night, looking for some sort of life in this oddly desolate urban environment. All the while, The Bobbleheads are in the background, throwing down a mighty melody that is steeped in physicality but defined by its poppy cosmetics.

We see a beautiful young woman, and soon, so does our masked man. In sign language, he asks her to come with him, and sensing his casual, unthreatening demeanor, the woman doesn’t hesitate to join in this journey. They cross the street and enter an apartment that has been overcrowded by The Bobbleheads themselves, who are shredding away at their instruments like their lives depend on it. Random articles of clothing and gauze start to tumble to the floor at the feet of the band as our two nameless characters start to disrobe. Alongside the woman, we discover that our masked man has been cloaking his invisibility, but that isn’t enough to deter the romance that has already started to ensue between these two strangers in the night.

In a final explosion of riff rocking adrenaline, “I Really See You” comes to a stop, leaving us with an aching silence that was once occupied by one of the most sensationally intoxicating hooks I’ve listened to in 2019 only seconds before. From an instrumental point of view, this song is as cut and dry as they come, utilizing a basic construction and filling in the black and white gaps with textured grooves that immediately rouse a response from listeners. Visually, though, the video is on a completely different level of surrealism, albeit one that is still nevertheless accessible to casual pop fans and more hardcore music enthusiasts alike. There’s something to satisfy everybody here, and that’s not something that I can say for most of the single/video combos that I review.

Brilliantly directed and produced by Fred Gebhardt and awesomely executed by The Bobbleheads, the video for “I Really See You” lives up to the high standards of its source material and leaves anyone who hasn’t familiarized themselves with this talented band begging for more. Much like the whole of their new album Myths and Fables, this single isn’t the easiest to categorize thanks to its versatile tonality, and in an era rife with poetic plasticity and artificial melodies, theirs is a sound that stands out in a crowd, to put it very mildly. If you haven’t already given this song a spin, and for that matter, any of the music that The Bobbleheads have released thus far, I encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

John McCall

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