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The Jenny Thing “American Canyon”

Aggressively chasing after the listener instead of the verses our lead singer is putting down at the front of the mix, the beat in The Jenny Thing’s new single and music video “American Canyon” has the fiery soul of a wild animal living within it, and it doesn’t take much to feel its scorch even at moderate volumes. Rather than making this track revolve around its lush melodic faceting alone, The Jenny Thing are exploiting the physicality of their groove here for everything it’s worth, and possibly putting out one of the sexiest dance songs I’ve heard in indie rock this month.

WEBSITE: https://thejennything.com/

I definitely hear shades of a Queens of the Stone Age-like compositional mentality in this band’s sound, and specifically with regards to the design of the rhythm in this song. There’s a robotic quality to the percussion that forms the backbone for the catharsis these melodic instruments would be tasked with delivering unto us, but it doesn’t sound plasticized or forced. It’s like The Jenny Thing want us to get hypnotized by the grind of their play, yet not lost in a lack of detail in their music (which simply isn’t an issue for us or them in this performance).

The bass has a vibe all on its own in “American Canyon,” and I love how much of the spotlight it’s stealing away from the verses because of it. This isn’t to say I don’t like what the lyrics are doing for this track – the polar opposite, in fact. There’s just so much to be expressed here that the band isn’t limiting themselves to one avenue of communication; from the bass to the drums and back to our lead singer, everything has a shot at defining the parameters of the story being told in this single, which isn’t true of most pop or rock music anymore.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/american-canyon/1566565889?i=1566565892

I’m excited to hear what’s going to come next for The Jenny Thing, and if I were them I would move on cutting something to follow this single up with sooner than later. Clubs could use more of the muscle their danceable strain of rock is sporting with pride in “American Canyon,” and although I doubt we’re going to see their genre cutting into the supremacy of the modern hip-hop movement this year, it’s arriving at a moment when rockers of all ages could really use something different and decadent to get into.

John McCall

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