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“The Mountain” by Bruce Sudano

“Don’t look at the mountain / Or you won’t make the climb” serenades an optimistic Bruce Sudano in the chorus of his new single “The Mountain,” which is currently out this spring and sporting a captivatingly artistic music video that adds to the warmth of its source material tremendously.

URL: http://www.brucesudano.com/

Per the standard he’s kept throughout the entirety of his career, Sudano wears his heart on his sleeve in this latest release, which I would describe as being a lyrical showcase conceived with the hopes of bringing a little bit of poetic melodicism back into pop music this year. His voice is reflective of the deep emotion in his words here, and with a fantastically smooth instrumental fabric to back him up here, this singer/songwriter leaves longtime fans and newcomers alike aching for more music like this in the future.

There’s a lot more to “The Mountain” than just its mighty lyrical substance – in fact, I would say that there isn’t an element here (instrumental or otherwise) that doesn’t contribute to the core narrative in some fashion or another. From the acoustic guitar melody to the light groove created by the percussion and the freeing harmony a slew of piano keys conjure up towards the conclusion of the song, every component of this track is meant to evoke emotion in the listener, and moreover, transport us to the frame of mind that Sudano was in when he composed this number. The music video is visually stimulating without question, but were it not supplied with a musical background as profoundly intimate as this one inarguably is, I don’t think it would be making nearly as many headlines this March.

The bottom line? Bruce Sudano just scored another hit with “The Mountain” I don’t recommend missing.

John McCall

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