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The new “Nightmare” single and video by DAYEATER

The new “Nightmare” single and video by DAYEATER, isn’t the run of the mill effort for either format that includes the past works of the psychedelic trio from Austin, TX. If you can only imagine living and performing in that town, you’re already living the dream and that gaves DAYEATER a great start and this song and video add to that momentum. It’s hard not to compliment this band on their creativity and sense of humor, especially with their story containing what it does, outside of the music. Look into them and you’ll find a cool band doing cool things, besides this current release.

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/dayeaterband?lang=en

The best thing about DAYEATER is their sense of humor on stage, and that conveys across this video as well. In fact, the video goes a great step beyond to strengthen the song all-the more. It’s usually not the case but if you watch it you’ll agree it’s an all out winning combination that most wouldn’t attempt in the video department because of how long it is. You’ll tip your hat to it if you appreciate such efforts to bring something to salivating rock lovers who just want to content as often as a band can produce and release it.

There are no rushing aspects about this video, as they made all the right moves to deliver something equally as good as the number itself. And I don’t know if the video is a sales item, but I would buy it if it were, just to go with the song. I’m not just recommending one or the other, it’s each and both for all “Nightmare” is worth. And I’d give away some of the plot in the video if spoilers were my thing but that is not the case. Watch the band play for plenty of minutes in the video and that’s enough hinting to tell with this video, as most people enjoy finding out for themselves how a video begins and ends.

WATCH THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGDAgsbUgr0

The song begins with a long intro and them it catches fire, and it ends with an extensive outro, but some vocals do play a part in the last minute. What you get in between when you watch the video is a whole lot of fun watching the band do their thing in front of an audience. It’s all very Austin friendly energy throughout, and that’s worth noting for the atmosphere it clearly shows.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/dayeaterband/

My overall favorite aspect of the video is the sequences that take place around them playing, which you’ll have to see for yourself, but without showing them play it wouldn’t have the full package going on. Again, I’m used to reviewing songs and adding a word or three about a video, but this video deserves pushing as much as the song, it’s just a lot to take in for one tune. DAYEATER provide the entire audio/video experience in one fell swoop, making “Nightmare” a release which rockers don’t want to miss, especially at this time of year when indoor time or more often spent than not.

John McCall

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