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The Promised’s “We Could Be In Love”

It isn’t more than a few seconds into The Promised’s “We Could Be In Love” before this fresh-faced country band has got everyone within earshot of its enormous grooves swinging to the beat of their opulent debut single. Adorned with a colorful country poetry that gives the lead vocals a bucolic tone right out of the gate, “We Could Be In Love” is a singing showcase, but make no mistake about it – between the boldly textured instrumentation and the vitality-filled verses that we find around every twist and turn in the song, this isn’t a single devoid of duality by any stretch of imagination.

DEEZER: https://www.deezer.com/us/track/717562682?autoplay=true

The music video for this track looks and feels like a collage of memories; from the heartwarming messages of inspired love from the couples to the festive dancing that extends the climax of the chorus into the whole of the song, everything about this piece seems truly sincere. The words that The Promised serenade us with are brilliant, but they are no more poetic than the imagery that this video shares with us is. This is feel-good country in an era that has been hurting for a little bit of positivity to counter all of the social divisiveness in our contemporary culture.

These lyrics are vulnerable, honest and never reliant on the silly metaphors that, unfortunately, a lot of this band’s contemporaries make entire albums out of. One of the biggest complaints that I hear about modern country music has very little to do with the talent of the players and almost everything to do with the stereotypical subject matter that some of the genre’s heavyweights seem content to recycle over and over again. This isn’t an issue for The Promised in this single, and judging from their style of attack, I can’t see it becoming a problem in the future.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v95TRUjBgdA

“We Could Be In Love” is getting a lot of buzz this summer, but I am very happy to report that it lives up to every last bit of the hype that has surrounded its release (and that of its chic music video). Debut singles are some of the hardest songs that an artist will ever record, and if The Promised are sounding this at ease in the studio before they’ve even recorded their first LP, you’ve got to wonder just how awesome they’re going to be once they get a little more experience under their belts as a unit. I’ll be keeping an eye on their progress, and I’d urge all Canadian country connoisseurs to do the same.

John McCall

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