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The Teledynes release EP

Searing guitar swing and full-throttle surf beats are plentiful in the self-titled debut record from The Teledynes, and if you’re a rockabilly fan who has been waiting for something sweet to be released in 2019, then this just might be the record that you’ve been looking for. The Teledynes get cooking with the juggernaut “Crazy Train” and literally doesn’t slow down through the next 29 minutes of furious rhythm and rhyme. Some of the songs here, such as “‘47 Cadillac” and “Callin’ on the Devil,” feel like refurbished versions of classic American rock n’ roll numbers, but others, like the experimental “Cohaagen” and “Midnight Ramblin’ Blues,” lean more to the left of conventional pop than most tracks of their type normally would.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/theteledynes

The first half of the record has a loose feel to it than the second, which feels  urgent, even aggressive in a few key spots – namely “Shot of Whiskey” and the excellent “Rockabilly Bug.” All of the material present has a similar structure, but there aren’t any instances where it feels like the band is playing the same song in a slightly different key. Some critics have said that it’s hard to make fresh rockabilly in 2019, as the genre has given birth to so many different offshoots that, in its purest form, it lacks the palatability to satisfy modern fans. In response to this, The Teledynes make a firm case against the very foundation of the argument in “September,” “Way Out West” and “Callin’ on the Devil,” and for this being their first EP, that’s something worth bragging about.

The Teledynes are a sexy listen for rockers looking to take a step back in time this summer. This band has a catchy, retro-inspired sound that I would like to see them experiment with in their next release, but if you’re a hardcore rockabilly fan interested in the more exciting bands making noise in the underground right now, then theirs is a debut that you need to seek out this July. It’s a one of a kind collection of songs that are as familiar in tone as they are inventive in style.

John McCall

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