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THUNDER JACKSON's "Colors" will resaturate the dancefloor

Thunder Jackson & The Knocks resaturate the dance floor

The Knocks’ remix of Thunder Jackson’s new single “Colors” is pure fire and celebratory spirit. For anyone who’s hooked on the original version, the good news is that this remix provides a lot of the same pleasures of the first, combined with the musical force that characterizes “The Knocks” style, it will doubtlessly resaturate the dance floor.

The song is about leaving behind comfort and taking on the strange and unknown. A story of a new chapter. It Was co-written with Pete Lawrie Winfield, produced in collaboration with Holy Ghosts!’s Alex Frankel and mixer Chris Zane. According to the official Youtube Channel of Thunder Jackson, the song was born to try to tell the story of a young man with the dream of being a singer. One day, in the back of a cab, with the engine on in traffic in L.A, the radio turned up – the young man began singing a soulful, yearning falsetto that unintentionally catches the attention of the front seat passenger: Pete Lawrie Winfield. Winfield turned to the young man in the back and said: do that again. He did, to which Pete replied: you are coming with me. Together they began a process of alchemy. When the sun finally rose, the young man was no longer an aspirant artist. Now. . .  he was Thunder Jackson.

To put it on The Knocks’ words “Thunder Jackson is a force!! His vocal on this song really blew us away and we were really excited to do our thing on it. We loved so much of the original that we really didn’t want to take it too far out of that zone, so we just tried to make it even more dance-floor/DJ friendly and are super happy with how it turned out.”

“Colors” is itself a song with enough personality to be a success, but evidently, the arrangements by The Knocks put the missing piece in the puzzle to build the jewel that is sure to make the dance floors explode. This remix is a punchy production with a ‘70s disco vibe which redimensionate the party environment bringing a truly attention-grabbing tune. We also cannot fail to emphasize the spectacular voice of Thunder Jackson rising above the musical environment, inviting you to enjoy and dare to bet and fight for a better horizon. Nothing guarantees that it will be easy, but what is certain is that it will be worth it.

They have also raised this track as a way to vent over so many months of pandemic lockdowns. Thunder said: “This time last year — like so many artists — plans for my album release and tour were put on ice. Now that clubs are opening up, I can’t think of a better song to celebrate our resilience and true spirit … our ‘colors that won’t wash out.’”

On the other hand, we have The Knocks, a New York City-based electronic music institution who have consistently evolved throughout their successful career and have shown no signs of slowing down this year. Their 2020 single “Bodies” (with MUNA) has been streamed over seventeen million times globally since release, resulting in a brilliant performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Knocks have collaborated with some of music’s biggest names through the years [Carly Rae Jepsen, X Ambassadors, Big Boi] and toured around the world with music heavyweights including The 1975, Justin Bieber, and Ellie Goulding.

This collaboration was a success and we can’t help but be anxious to know what is coming for these two artists either together or separately, because we will love it anyway.







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