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Tied up with LACES in “Girlfriend”


It’s easy to call an artist “multifaceted”, but with LACES, this description becomes intrinsic to understanding the woman behind the music, as she’s created and performed under different names and for different projects. Under her legal name -Jessica Vaughn- you’ll often hear her work in Hasbro Cartoons such as Littlest Pet Shop and Equestria Girls, and if you go poking around, you’ll find plenty of mesmerizing music released by “Jessica Poland” and also as “Charlotte Sometimes” as well.

With a heady vocal performance and an intimate lyrical proposal, LACES enamored us with her newest single, “Girlfriend”, a song that she wrote as a celebratory anthem “to reflect on those teenage years that created the confident bi-sexual badass that[…]) She is today.

Jessica’s stunningly smooth vocals come at the service of a secret, forbidden young love story that is itchingly self-aware of its naughty-yet-sweet nature. There’s a neat interplay between the thumping hormonal beat and the honey-sweetness of the synth-wave melodies that play up to the theme. “You could be mine you could be my girlfriend/ Won’t you be mine I won’t tell my boyfriend” sings LACES in the chorus, perfectly encapsulating the entirety of the song in this supremely catchy line.

There’s more than just passion and romance driving the song, there’s a layer of genuine love and appreciation that is tangible mainly through the vocals that touch not just upon the love of the other, but also the love of the self, like a declaration of self-acceptance and empowerment through openness and vulnerability. Through her lyrics and her interpretation, it’s almost like Jessica is showing us why this is important and why this is a part of her.

Released through Jessica’s own creative label (Head Bitch Music), “Girlfriend” continues LACES’ trend of self-empowering DIY projects that define her character and highlight the core of her message and ethos. For LACES, this isn’t just one more catchy single, but a testament of self-determination and strength through vulnerability and emotional genuineness that has endeared her fans. “I’ve never had trouble accessing all of these uncomfortable parts of myself and then hanging myself out to dry in a song…” she says, keenly aware of how openness in creativity isn’t just a powerful tool for connecting with others. “I feel like that’s your job as an artist: to say the uncomfortable thing that makes people think and helps them feel less alone.” She concludes.



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Photo by Shari Hoffman

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