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“Time Will Tell” by Bruce Guynn

One man. One mic. One mighty melody. If you’re Bruce Guynn, these three ingredients spell out a righteous recipe for California-style soft rock ala his new single “Time Will Tell” that lovers of lost coast culture are going to be particularly taken with this July. Although “Time Will Tell” is a bit streamlined and lacking in eclecticism – as has been the trend for the better part of 2021 – its rejection of popular aesthetical themes is perhaps one of its most alluring qualities to a critic like me. It dares to think outside of the box, and yet the melodies it contains are the very definition of timelessness.

I felt the angst in Guynn’s voice here long before I ever sat down with the music video for “Time Will Tell,” and I think the tonal presence his singing creates is enough to give us a look into his scathing contempt for the political discord in America these days. Between recall elections and vicious debates over something as simple as a vaccine, the headaches that come with turning on the nightly news anymore have left a lot of us feeling like it’s not even worth turning on, and here, he’s channeling the frustration in too marvelous a way to be ignored.

The keys are a background element in the instrumentation, but they serve a purpose that is undeniable when examining the whole of this song. Instead of giving us a bloated guitar part, there’s a bit of color breaking up the harmony in the middle portion of the mix that nods to the pop influences in Guynn’s sound. These influences could make the difference between his remaining in the shadows of the record store and scoring more headline-making hits like this one, and I doubt I’m the only critic thinking as much right now.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/time-will-tell/1568967008?i=1568967017

There isn’t enough being said about Bruce Guynn’s music at the moment, and if you haven’t already listened to “Time Will Tell,” I think giving it a spin this month will give you a good idea as to why I’m game for more of his work. The simplicity of his sound and the means through which he creates it are just what contemporary pop music is missing, in and outside of the Golden State, and provided he doesn’t dilute his formula with a lot of filler, I have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear from Guynn this year.

John McCall

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