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Tolu. A’s New Single and Music Video “My Talents”

Sweeping and frequently swelling to such a powerful size that it embodies the nature of omnipotence, the piano-driven melody in Tolu. A’s new single and music video “My Talents” is absolutely spellbinding from the moment we first hear it forward. Joined by a competent wind section that contributes immense color to the harmony, Tolu. A delivers what could be the most entrancing performance of the holiday season thus far in this latest release, and while it’s presented to us entirely without lyricism it ironically feels like one of the most expressive works that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in the past few months.

There’s definitely an inspirational kick to the harmony that grows out of a pure silence in “My Talents” completely separate from the mood of the percussion as we meet the midway point in the track.

The drums are providing structure while also throwing us plenty of evocative curveballs that allude to jazzy unpredictability – a semblance of life in 2020, if you will. The flow of the instrumentation makes it hard to turn away once you’ve caught even the slightest taste of the rhythm here, and though I’d say audiophiles will find this especially fascinating, I don’t think anything in the song is inaccessible to the mainstream.

If you didn’t know about Tolu. A before listening to “My Talents,” I have a feeling you’re going to be curious about his recent output after you’ve experienced its magnetizing mixture of melodies. I’m definitely planning on looking at his work a little closer now, and though this track has a sophisticated finish I absolutely pick up on a tough multidimensionality within its construction that I’d love to hear him explore more in the future. This is a good story as told by the most organic of emotional communicators, and if your holiday needs a slight jazz bend, it’s a tough song to beat.

John McCall

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