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Tom Keifer drops new single

Out of a fuzzy, noise-laden haze, brutish riff-rock intensity comes stampeding from the speakers and into the air around us, carrying forth a lead vocal from Tom Keifer that instantly sends as powerful a rush through our systems as any of the eruptive beats will in this, his latest single, “Hype.” In both the music video for “Hype” and the track itself, Keifer and his eponymous band return to the spotlight with some of the heaviest riffs he’s ever committed to master tape via an anti-establishment anthem handcrafted for hard-rockers and metalheads everywhere this spring. You don’t have to be a headbanger to love the grooves in this single, but for those of us who wear the identity with pride, it’s one of the slickest songs out right now.

As magnetizing as the guitar parts are in this track, I think that the rhythm is the key point of expression in “Hype” outside of Keifer’s half-screamed verses. There’s a multidimensionality to the construction of the tempo that lends tremendous emotional agency to the lyrical substance here, and there’s a case to be made that, had it not been as precisely arranged as it was, this single probably wouldn’t have been as stadium-shaking, nor as memorable, as it is in this present state.

URL: http://www.tomkeifer.com/

Hard rock with heart – and a little bit of brains – is still reigning supreme thanks to independent acts like Tom Keifer, and if you’ve been hungry for some heavy grooves this March, this is the first song/video combo I would point you towards.

John McCall

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