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True Romance

Top 5 Mob Movies To Watch Over The Holidays

By Chris Pumphrey

It’s not only Christmas trees and decorations that offer a fix of red and green over the holidays. For those that could do without all the joy and cheer, mob movies can provide lots of red blood and green money. Here’s a top 5:

True Romance:  This ’93 flick written by Quentin Tarantino may not leave you with a sappy lesson on life, but it does give you plenty of Elvis.  We all know that Elvis’ Christmas album is the reason for the season, and Elvis is the ribbon that ties this whole movie together.  And, hey, who wouldn’t fuck Elvis?

Carlito’s Way:  This other ’93 flick features Al Pacino reprising his run as a Latin gangster.  Though, unlike Scarface, he wants out of the life of crime.  His struggle to start a new life ends in his death by the Italian mob, but still gives a bit of inspiration for the new year’s resolutions we are all conceptualizing this time of year.  Maybe you’ll have better luck!

Analyze This (and That):  This ’99 classic — and it’s ’02 sequel — pits Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro against each other to create a formidable comedic duo.  Jelly, De Niro’s henchman, is a chubby ball of laughs throughout the movie.  Do your best to imagine Jelly dressed as Santa Clause and this movie is perfect for the holidays.

Midnight Run:  Also starring Robert De Niro with another stellar sidekick, Charles Grodin, this ’88 comedy became the blueprint for future comedies like The Other Guys.  The tumultuous cross-country road trip to get Grodin back to his bail bondsman can easily be a metaphor for coming home for the holidays.  After all, family obligations often feel like a jail sentence.

The Godfather:  This ain’t just for the holidays, any season is a good enough reason to watch this seminal ’72 classic.  Making it a Christmas tradition isn’t going to hurt anyone.  ‘Nuff said.

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