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Track of the day: Honey by Slow Roar

By Olivia McAuley

Rebecca Rosoff and Sonny Lanegan are the fire and water duo behind alt/indie outfit Slow Roar. The LA-based multi-instrumentalists/producers released the self-titled EP last year, winning over new fans and music publications alike. Nothing conveys the pairs ability to create a distinct moody wanton energy through their upbeat percussion arrangements meeting lusty guitar lines and vocals, quite like the fourth track ‘Honey’.

The industro-pop beat encounters Rosoffs smoky and laggy voice in combustion, creating an edgy but easy sound. The hook-laden track takes off at 1:06 with their catchy chorus, maintaining a dissonant energy throughout.

Their success with both music buffs and professionals comes in part from the musician’s rare ability at being able to handle the entire supply chain of music production – from writing, performing and arranging all the way to mixing.

With over a thousand live shows behind him (White Pulp, The Dead Good), Lanegan brings the grit, edge and dirt of a live show to Slow Roar while Rosoff (NYC-based Fresh Hearts, Dig Exotic) lends a cleaner pop-infused sound influenced by her solo works and past career as an imaging producer at iHeartRadio.

We can’t wait to hear what’s next from the duo. Check out the track below!

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