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Track of The Day: IC3PEAK – “Monster”

If you are into creepy and dark electronic sounds you will thank us for today’s feature. Whispered vocals and lots of bass are the main elements of “Monster” by IC3PEAK. A song that would be the perfect soundtrack for any episode of American Horror Story.

IC3PEAK’s “Monster” serves as an official intro to the electronic madhouse duo in the US. The Moscow based pair give us a glimpse into their hazy, sweaty back alley dance party with the track, that sizzles between Pop sensation and Alternative Electronic banger.

Needless to say, IC3PEAK (pronounced I-SPEEK) have arrived like a whirlwind, introducing us to their spells and fresh beats. The electronic mad-house duo have been going strong since forming in 2013, and their self released 2016 debut was met with a wide amount of controversy in their native country. Their unique brand of electronic beats and vocal charisma channels artists like Grimes, Die Antwoord and Bjork.

Listen to “Monster” below!

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