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“Tree Of Life (Dedicated To The Victims)” by Project Grand Slam

by John McCall

Dedication and spirit pay respect as well as the players of Project Grand Slam on this single: “Tree Of Life (Dedicated To The Victims)” featuring PGS band members – Ziarra Washington on vocals and Baden Goyo on piano with band leader Robert Miller’s great songwriting and the engineering skills of Lou Holtzman. This is a cause worth anyone stepping up for and Miller leaves no stones unturned in the process of involvement in helping support the victims of the shootings at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburg, followed by 12 college age people who were tragically gunned down in California.

Miller wrote this track in the immediate wake of the California shootings, to respond to the carnage of both these tragedies. Miller’s press statement on the single: “It has affected me deeply to be bombarded constantly with all the hatred, anti-Semitism, and gun violence in our country. And unfortunately, the hatred and violence runs very deep. I felt like I had to do something in response – a plea to stop the madness – particularly since our leaders have not done anything to bring the country together and change things. I’m hoping that this song will help in some small way.”

If the above words aren’t enough prior to hearing the song, let the song do the talking for itself as it does in volumes, but it’s important to know where Miller’s head is really at on this subject because it plays out a lot differently in the song itself. The voice of Washington isn’t the only one heard here, as it echoes anyone’s thoughts on this sore subject, but she’s very tranquilizing and Baden Goyo’s piano is equally mesmerizing. But it’s what they do together that really grabs you and makes you listen to every word and note which each carry their own weight. If that’s not enough, reading the lyrics should top off anyone’s opinion.

There’s a heartfelt thread to it all and like any song the lyrics can be interpreted however you like, but it’s best to take Miller and company as serious as they are and let the enormously satisfying music do the rest as they culminated so well at the time of recording and stay that way since releasing this magnificent tune. The magnitude in which it can impact is endless because it’s there to extensively enjoy over-and over again for such a small price. It seems we are living in a temporary world, but true music fans have the luxury of eternity and that’s why it’s the best medium to spread important messages because they last.

The only thing left to do is walk, don’t run to find this haunting song and the rest is yours to partake in, and reflect upon the situation with and get the bonus of its everlasting quality. This isn’t the type of feeling you get to put down on paper every day and there can never be enough of it, but PGS make it sound as effortless as the rest of their music, which is highly recommended. They’re a top-notch Jazz Fusion band and this is a very soothing top-notch ballad it’s worth hoping everyone will hear and contribute to the funds for the victims of these tragic events.

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