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Trouble in the Streets “Chasing Whatever”

One part dreamscape, another part DIY indie rock reimagined for a more discriminating generation of harmony connoisseurs, the music video for “Chasing Whatever,” the latest release from Austin’s Trouble in the Streets, is not an easy collection of shots to break down. In one selection of scenes, we’re in the darkness, following an elusive shadow play saturated in psychedelia – in another, we’re witnessing indulgence at its most urbane and ultra-refined. Regardless of how you look at it, “Chasing Whatever” contains a masterpiece of a melody that is equally haunting and hollow-pointed, and if you dig on an experimental jam as much as I do, this is one video and single that you need to examine before the month of September has expired.

URL: https://www.troubleinthestreets.com/

The video aside, “Chasing Whatever” is a really well-structured song that shows off the keen attention to detail that Trouble in the Streets have become known for in the last couple of years. There’s no shortage of intricacies to behold in this track, and yet it has a fluidity to its construction that is reminiscent of, dare I say it, left-leaning progressive rock. It isn’t drowning in excess nor is it pieced together with unnecessary facets of glitter and pomp, but there’s definitely an arty energy to this composition that hasn’t been present in other songs that the band has stamped their name on since initially forming some years ago. They’re growing into their sound here, and coming across as the true professionals that they’ve undoubtedly become.

Nebula’s vocal is a showstopper in this single, and though it has some incredible competition for the lion’s share of our attention in the chorus, nothing can eclipse the majestic tonality that she displays here. The beats get a little fast and furious in a few crucial junctures as we ascend towards the finish line in “Chasing Whatever,” but even when this song is throwing a lot of executional challenges in her direction, she never flinches – contrarily, it would seem as though she gets all the stronger in her delivery. Whether she’s rapping, singing or simply harmonizing with a moderate melody, Nebula has got a moxie that few (if any) artists in or out of Trouble in the Streets’ legendary scene can live up to.

If you’ve been hungry for a fresh sound this September but haven’t known quite where to look for some satisfaction, this new material from the one and only Trouble in the Streets makes for a tough cocktail to beat. The tempo has a rollercoaster-like rambunctiousness that forces us to stay tuned into every detail – roaring and rudimentary alike – from beginning to end in “Chasing Whatever,” while the actual tone of the music, both instrumental and vocal, crafts a narrative that is completely separate from that of the lyrics. This is one of the only songs that I could see bringing rock, hip-hop and avant-garde audiences together right now, and in a time that has seen as much division among music buffs as it has politicians, that’s something that any band should be quite proud of.

John McCall

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