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Twist Helix - -Pulse

Twist Helix – “Pulse”

If you live in Miami, whether you grew up here or made this place your home a few years ago, you’ve certainly had a fair share of heartaches over rampant urban development. Sure, it must be (really) nice to live in a luxury condo — but after walking through a street with a dozen high-rises, they start to feel detached and imposing. Yeah, gentrification… bla, bla, bla. We’re immune to this word now — there’s no way but up, right?

Most of us aren’t trained architects or urban planners, and we often don’t have a viable solution for this epidemic besides preferring things the way they were. It’s a conundrum, indeed, but there’s a certain despair that comes from knowing that all your favorite ugly-beautiful places will eventually be bulldozed and replaced by something more marketable.

But shifting back to the music:

Sonically, “Pulse” is a synthesizer-laden battle cry: emotive, empowering, and wistful. No wonder — it’s a testament to this feeling, this epidemic. In their hometown of Newcastle, the neighborhood of Ouseburn, which houses fringe arts spaces and the creative community, is swiftly being replaced by sterile student housing. “Pulse,” therefore, is “a bleak future vision of a sterile urban landscape.”

Twist Helix are Bea Garcia Cisneros (vocals, synthesizers), Michael Humble (bass) and James Walker (drums).

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