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Miami is waking up from the summer slumber, and jumping straight into the dark end!!

Gotta say it, when it comes to amazing “out of town” bands, Gramps’ calendar is full of great acts to see! This time it is nothing less that one of our favorite NABM (North American Black Metal) acts, UADA!!
Having broken into the national spotlight in 2016 with one of the most awesome debut albums in recent history (Devoid Of Light, 2016), UADA has been riding the wave of the resurgence of black and doom metal throughout the USA, racking in the miles on the road, thousands of fans (me included) and many live shows. Their second album Cult Of A Dying Sun, which they are on the road to promote, is the continuation of awesome black metal that one could hope for and I’d recommend everyone bring some earplugs. Or not, it’s metal.
On a little curious side note, UADA means “haunted” in latin.

On the road with them are the Canadians PANZERFAUST, bringing us their brand of bleak distorted black/doom metal, and Imperial Triumphant (we wrote about them here). Gnosis will be the local opening act, rounding out an excellent lineup.

The show is being put together by BreakEven Booking, and a big shoutout I wanna give ’em! We don’t often get to see black metal of this calibre here in Miami, and each effort should be appreciated and encouraged!!
So I shall see you on Monday, September 24th, at Gramps (176 NW 24th Street, Miami, FL). Bring your corpsepaint, and some cash for merch!! Tickets run for $15.00 which is a great price for a show like this!

Let’s listen to some UADA and get excited for this show!!

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