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“Unspoken” the new single/video by The Dead Daisies

Loud, punishing and capable of mass destruction; there’s no arguing that the riffs are the most stirring element in “Unspoken,” the new single by The Dead Daisies. Outfitted with fretwork from both Doug Aldrich and David Lowy, “Unspoken” comes screaming out of the silence like a bat out of hell and doesn’t stop pummeling us for the whole of its 4:47 running time. Bassist Glenn Hughes is on lead vocals and Deen Castronovo takes up the skins for The Dead Daisies, and together with their axe men, they unleash one of the premier hard rockers of the spring thus far in this all-new release.


Lyrically, Hughes really lets us have it with a good mix of enigmatic poetry and stadium-shaking rhymes that affect the audience right out of the gate. Matching up with the carnal riffing in the backdrop definitely wasn’t a simple task, but nevertheless, this is one vocalist you never hear any hesitation out of. There’s scarcely an instance where we aren’t getting energy out of every angle here, and that’s more than I can say for a lot of the other contemporary rock songs making headlines in the last couple of months.

The chorus in “Unspoken” has a sexy swing that would really kill in a live concert. To some degree, The Dead Daisies are the kind of a band that needs a well-lit stage to give us everything that they’re capable of divvying out, but with that said, this single captures the essence of their unfiltered performances really well. It definitely makes me want to hear them in-person for myself in the near future, but as long as they keep making music like this amid quarantine times, I think fans will be as happy as we can – all things considered.

You don’t have to include a lot of production frills when you’re working with content as strong as this is, and The Dead Daisies rightly left them out of this mix. There isn’t a lot of varnish on the guitars, nor does it feel as though the percussion is coming to us caked in reverb and unnecessary processing. This is a band that knows how to channel all of their pain, anguish, excitement and catharsis into both texture and tonality, thus leaving no room for the artificialities other artists would lean on. With the release of “Unspoken,” we’re reminded that there are true professionals, and then there is the elite class this crew is in.

Rock fans who are desperate for a shot of adrenaline this May needn’t look any further than the rhythmic sounds of “Unspoken” to have all of their sonic needs satisfied. A product of legendary chemistry brought together through years of personal and artistic cultivation, this new single and lyric video from The Dead Daisies is a must-listen for heavy music connoisseurs everywhere right now. In an age that often accepts a watered-down variation of the classic rock theme as triumphant songcraft, I think it’s a lot more fun going straight to the source for my jams.

John McCall

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