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‘Vibes’ by Molly Moore is a Psychedelic 90’s Moment

Daydreaming the night away 

Bodies asleep, but my minds awake…

East Coast native Molly Moore has just served up a single that is the mood we all needed this season. Featuring her high school prom date, Keenan Charles, ‘Vibes’ is a chill backbeat that feels like a cross between Lauryn Hill, Lana Del Rey, and Drake. Psychedelic in atmosphere and modern in the forefront, Moore’s vocals ride the top line with an R&B melody and catchy lyrics. Sexy vinyl distortion over a melancholy jazz guitar introduces the track, and a steady pulse keeps us coming back for repeats. 

“A lot of my life doesn’t feel real lately, and I find myself tripping over small things, affected by energy, easily overtaken by overwhelming emotions.”

An impulse to put her experiences to melody had Molly Moore writing from a young age. Growing up in New York with a musical father and healing mother; her childhood was eclectic and freedom of expression was encouraged. Moore graduated early from high school to pursue recording music and moved to Los Angeles the very next year to become a songwriter. Her efforts led her down a path that proved fruitful, as the producer / songstress now performs solo as well as with a duo – Cosmos and Creatures. 

“Every single day is a chance to make something happen,” she says. Moore seeks to show women everywhere that we can rise up and fill up the spaces we used to stand outside of. Taking inspiration from powerhouses like Aretha Franklin, Alanis Morissette, and Beyonce, the fearlessness is Moore’s voice is present. Her compelling vocal prowess draws us into her introspective lyricism, all surrounded by neon sound waves. Calling herself a “holographic loving, track suit wearing, music making crystal lady,” it’s apparent that this impressive songstress is one to watch this year.

Keep up with Molly Moore’s chill waves below and on her Instagram. 

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