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VIOLITT and the serious bravery of “Don’t Let Them In”

The innovative VIOLITT sound is one that comes from a post-hardcore framework, building upon that with elements from industrial, Goth, and even early 2000s alt-rock, all still somehow converging into a sleek modern sound package that is forward-thinking and cohesively comes into its own uniqueness the more you listen to it.

This vanguardist and somewhat eclectic sound come shining through in a matter of seconds for this new single. The songs blend clear electronic elements seamlessly with futuristic guitar riffs and powerful vocal delivery. The song is big and up-front, but it also rewards careful attention to every registry, as it is packed with a richly detailed and crisp production.

Since VIOLITT’s inception, a strong sense of social consciousness and activism has been a key part of their raison d’etre and the very soul of their music. lead vocalist and Songwriter Summer Cooke’s founding vision was utilizing music as a platform for “for advocacy and liberation”. Their lyrics often reflect upon themes revolving around the ideas of Empowerment and emancipation Vs oppression and abuse. The song comes out just in time for domestic violence awareness month.


In that thematic continuity, today we’re looking at VIOLITT’s newest single: “Don’t Let Them In” is a multi-layered song that takes on subjects such as manipulation and gaslighting.“This song feels like a warning, a song a whistleblower would sing.” says Cooke ““There are so many people who battle in silence due to psychological abuse and coercive control. It can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender, sex, education, etc. When someone is mentally taken advantage of, it is an extremely isolating feeling” she continued.

The track was presented to VIOLITT by producer Justus Dixon (Bishop Briggs, Melanie Martinez, Lilith Czar) With the intent to have the band jolt it to life with their unique sound and approach. The Song fit the band like a glove, “I was immediately hooked after seeing the track title. I remember thinking “Ihave to listen to this one, what an interesting name.” After ten seconds into listening, I knew exactly what the song needed to be about.” Revealed Cooke, later linking the Song to her experience of watching STARZ documentary “SEDUCED” regarding the NXVIM cult and the Whistleblowers who bravely spoke out.

The music video (TBA) for “Don’t Let Them In” will include activist Kelly Thiel, from the same STARZ documentary as a creative consultant. For this release, VIOLITT is partnering up with “I GOT OUT”, an organization that provides support for survivors of coercive/high-control groups and cults. The band Hopes that this song can act as an anthem and a rallying cry for victims and survivors so that they too can bravely “I GOT OUT”.

“Don’t Let Them In” features Aaron Gillespie (Underoath) on drums, SummerCooke (songwriter/vocals), Greg Karas (Andy Grammer, Julia Michaels) on guitar, and-writer/producer Justus Dixon (Bishop Briggs, Lilith Czar) on bass, synths, and all-ends of production and writing.




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