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“Waiting for the Summer” by Eveline

In her 2019 debut single, singer and songwriter Eveline doesn’t hold back from giving us the lusty, vocal-first performance only a singer of her talents can provide. Although there has been an endless array of skillful crooners coming out of the woodwork and into the bright lights of a new generation’s spotlight in the past two years, there haven’t been many players with the muscular pipes this temptress has – let alone her way with poetry. “Waiting for the Summer” is a dance-friendly dream for pop critics who wanted some more spice in their spring soundtrack, and at any rate, it lets us know Eveline is a shooting star just waiting to take flight.

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The mix here is telling of just how much this singer values a beat, but I will note that she’s never going out of her way to put all of her energy into making the groove swaggering – mostly because she doesn’t have to. There’s already a lot of tension behind the backend of this instrumental setup, but because of the potency of the voice leading the way, Eveline scarcely sounds like anything other than the powerful songstress we need to take us into the next verse.

It’s fairly clear, from my perspective at least, that this isn’t an artist who has much of an interest in balancing an arrangement so much as she’s one who cares a lot about preserving the decadence of a harmony (and I love it). “Waiting for Summer” had the potential to sound like a boxy club track on paper, but because of the free-flowing rhythm its singer embraces right out of the gate, we never feel like we’re listening to something entirely shaped by its tempo. There’s a heap of melodic treasure to be uncovered in this piece, and you don’t have to look all that hard to discover it.

The rhythm of the instruments and the crooning is pivotal to making the mood in “Waiting for Summer” real for the audience, and to some extent, it makes the lyricism feel a little more present and in the here and now. There is nothing specifically wrong with writing something retrospective and beat-powered, but the realism that the stylization of this song provides makes the narrative seem so much more relevant to us, even though this single first dropped almost two years ago. It’s already gained a certain timelessness, and it’s completely because of this artist’s approach to recording.

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Rarely is there a greenhorn so willing to be forward and in the moment with her audience, but then again, singers like Eveline don’t just come around every day in this business. “Waiting for the Summer” dedicates itself to the freedom that comes with letting your hair down and running head-on into melodies that make us feel alive, and considering all of the pain, misery, and overall isolation that most of us have had to endure over the past year worldwide, a fun single and music video like this one feels all the more necessary in 2021.

John McCall

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