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“Wake Up Call” (EP) by Thomas Priest

Wake Up Call, by Thomas Priest, is an EP worth anyone’s time that is looking for the latest new pop music sensation, or any rock music lovers to catch wind of what is new and thriving in the modern rock world. The Long Island, NY based singer/songwriter/guitarist pulled out all stop with producer Rian Dawson (All Time Low), recording an excellent collection of songs for the masses. The skills of everyone involved are on display for everyone to hear, and it comes recommended as a must listen with the tile track standing a cut above the others but only because it carries the same name and does exactly what the title says.

URL: https://www.thomaspriestmusic.com/

What better way to start things off than with the concept in which the EP centers around, with “Wake Up Call” giving you a good dose of where Priest is musically coming from for an artist with big chops who started out at the age of only 13. It’s a great song with all the bells and whistles and probably my overall favorite track on the EP, but only by that edge I was talking previously about. The point is, you’ll be won over by it at the price of admission, but keep in mind the other four.

“Safe Tonight” is technically the magnum opus of the EP, but not without first getting excited by the opening track before being exposed to this thing of beauty. Not only has Thomas Priest written and recorded a song of absolute perfection, it is not revealed without some exploration which in-turn, delivers the goods. This song is awesome in every way, with an added twist being it is a duet with singer, Lindsay Mac provided a female touch that just makes it. And they both deserve all the credit together as they evenly dropped their all for it.

The influences of Priest are hard to nail because it’s so contemporary you can’t find an obvious inspiration other than perhaps his own, and that’s the mark of an artist with direction. “Distant Memory” goes a long way in proving that as well, with yet another cool track, this one containing big drums and lots of fast energy and great guitar licks. In fact, this is where the guitar really shines to his credit and shows his talents off without making a music lesson out of it.

NAPSTER: https://us.napster.com/artist/thomas-priest/album/wake-up-call

By this time, you know a good thing or not when you hear it, but that never guarantees anyone’s opinion, but I just encourage it either way, as I asses it for every valued note on it. “Ignorance” is a track that even covers some of that which is akin to that whole vibe and shows what I’m saying within the smart lyrics, and it has an underwater effect in the mid-section, for more description of what’s going on with it. And in-closing, the final track fits the last piece into this fine puzzle of work. “What Do We Do” is perfectly placed for going out on a somber note and hitting lop for another listen, is my best advice.

John McCall

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