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Walker’s Cay drop 2 new Singles

Righteously rollicking through the speakers in “Why Oh Why,” stomping out of the darkness with a prideful groove in “Tell Me,” there’s no getting around just how vital the beats are to the two debut singles from Walker’s Cay out this spring. Every classic rock song has a solid rhythmic foundation between the guts and glory of its melodic faceting, and this is proven all the more true when listening to both “Tell Me” and “Why Oh Why.” Much like the chest-pounding crews of yore, Walker’s Cay throw all of the key essentials into a single pot in both of their new tracks only to emerge with a sound as fresh and unfamiliar to the aesthetical overseers as it gets.

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If I didn’t know any better, I definitely would have assumed that these weren’t the first two songs Walker’s Cay have recorded together. They’re rolling like seasoned studio veterans in both of these tracks while steering clear of the jaded self-awareness that often plagues bands of their genre dealing with as multilayered a style of play as they are. Whether it be in the supple strut of “Tell Me” or the vicious pull of “Why Oh Why,” they translate as well-versed and slightly rough around the edges in the best of ways, and I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen that combination of attributes growing on trees anywhere on the planet lately. Walker’s Cay are onto something one of a kind in this material, and I’m looking forward to hearing how it plays out.

I would have liked just a pinch more bass in the chorus of “Why Oh Why,” but I can also understand what the band was trying to go for in leaving the low-end tonality on the conservative side. There hasn’t been a shortage in bassline brutality in the past few decades of heavy music, and to some degree, it does sound a little more efficient to streamline the grooves in the way Walker’s Cay did in “Why Oh Why.” They’re a little more liberal with the aesthetical hybridity in “Tell Me,” but in either case here, we get a fair picture of how versatile they can be when it comes to songwriting, arranging and mixing in general.

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Overall, I think rock enthusiasts would have to be pretty crazy to ignore the riff-rocking madness that Walker’s Cay are putting down this May in their two brand new singles. If you’re even an occasional consumer of heavy metal or hard rock sounds, I have a feeling you’re going to appreciate just how well this band combines the best of both worlds in their work. The future is wide open for Walker’s Cay, but if it’s going to sound anything like what this first look into their music does, I think that we can all count on seeing and hearing a lot more from this Toronto-stationed group as the 2020s go on. If guitar carnage is worth its weight in gold, these guys are already quite rich with potential.

John McCall

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