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The Sweet Kill - Night Terror Creeper

Watch The Sweet Kill’s Latex Infused Video for Night Terror Creeper

The Sweet Kill shared an abstract and haunting visual counterpart to their track “Night Terror Creeper”; the video matches the song’s visceral intensity. “Night Terror Creeper” is the lead single of The Sweet Kill’s recently released album Neon Black.

The short film is an enticing collage of frontman Pete Mills’s unconscious mind, depicting the harrowing images he has experienced during night terrors. Macabre manifestations and real-life horrors swarm Mills (including features from Andrea Feyler, Paradise Brittain, Luliia Lozovaia) as he stands helpless in a straight jacket, symbolizing the powerlessness we face against our own inner demons. The video was directed by talented cinematographer Jamie Mitchell, who after struggling with addiction passed away in August.

The Sweet Kill have continued to deliver on ambitious projects for 2019, setting the bar higher and higher as they go. The video is as “terrorizing”, as the lyrics implore, using texture and depth to hypnotize the viewer to feel as helplessly vulnerable to these images as Mills has in his nightmares. The video becoming a perfect visual translation of the intense track.

Prior to the conception of The Sweet Kill, Mills has had an extensive career in the music industry, signing with Nikki Sixx’s label for a period with his former band Flash Bastard.  Ultimately moving to Los Angeles, Pete diverged into a producing career, beginning with a co-production credit for Soulkid1’s smash hit song “We Got More Bounce in California” with Michael Patterson (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club).
This single’s notoriety captured the attention of local labels which transitioned Pete into a successful producing career working with a myriad of artists including Sheryl Crow, Moving Units, and Teddy Riley to name a few. The latest releases from The Sweet Kill solidifies Pete Mills’ comet-like re-entry back into performing.

Stream Neon Black below

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