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Water To Wine’ Releases “Good Time’n” Single

Atlanta-based Water To Wine’s music has been described as a cross between Linda Ronstadt and Eagles, but “Good Time’n” has its own brand of country and rock styling to make it in their own world. And their sound is not only in that zone, but it covers a wide range of variety within the crossing Americana and country rock heard on country and even some classic rock stations. This single actually pre-date’s an album in 2021, and it certainly is a great way to lead out an album release in the lockdown as it hopefully ends by that time later in the year.

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The impact of the pandemic has been devastating to everyone in one way or another, and music seems to be one of the healers sticking it out with some fabulous releases in 2020, and Water To Wine’s “Good Time’n” dops just in time to spread light on the situation. There will always be an audience for music, but this has been one of those times when performance takes a step back and the creativity that paved its way can once again thrive and this song shows what the results are like. It is undeniably awesome and does the business.

At first, I wasn’t sure if “Good Time’n” was going to be up my alley or not, but once I heard the rocking energy and magnificent vocals, I was able to focus on the talent and not the genre leaning more country than rock. I like both genres, but Water To Wine weave them together seamlessly with a minimum of fuss between the two styles. “Good Time’n” can appeal to everyone from hardcore country fans to more of a Fleetwood Mac speed of audience, which I can picture being surrounded by at their shows without too much thought about it.

The vocals on ‘Good Time’n” take a front seat all the way, but the banjo and percussion make a sold foundation for them to fly over and dominate the song to get the positive message across and it keeps you pumped from beginning to end. In fact, I found myself playing the song over and over and wanting to hear more from Water To Wine as the ultimate result of that experience. I can also say it speaks volumes on its own for uplifting spirits at any time, let alone the current bumpy ride we are on.

After not being familiar with them I was able to go back and get more acquainted with Water To Wine’s sound and it all checks out the same as it does here on “Good Time’n,” just like the hallmark of any great song. You can sing along or not, but I would bet once your toe is tapping to this, your voice just might follow this easy to get used to melody. If it did not work on me, I wouldn’t be able to recommend and that is another testament to them and this lovely tune during everyone’s time of need.

John McCall

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