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We Dance to Aileen's "Soltera"

We Dance to Aileen’s “Soltera”

Dominican-American Urban music Diva Aileen joins forces with powerhouse producer/performer Musicólogo “The Libro” in one of the hottest Reggaeton singles of the season. “Soltera” is an anthem of single-life-freedom spiced and seasoned to perfection on the gorgeous shores of Santo Domingo.

The sun-soaked track and music video is the Solo Debut of Aileen, who has worked alongside industry titans such as Daddy Yankee and Lenny Santos, progressively pushing and polishing her talent with a huge forwards momentum, one that makes you certain you’re looking at an urban music legend in the making.

Check our awesome interview below,  and let Aileen speak for herself:


Hello! Welcome to Too Much Love. How’s your 2021 so far?

Hi Too Much Love! My 2021 has so far been a dream come true! I have experienced my first collaboration in one of my songs, I’m on cloud 9!

As an artist, how would like to introduce yourself to new fans? what is AILEEN all about?

I would introduce myself with much humbleness and love to every new fan. Assure that they understand my story and are inspired by it. I believe I was put here on earth to connect with the world through my music and my energy. Aileen is all about love!

Latin music has been getting much more attention all over the globe for some time now, why do you think that is?
Latinos are consistently growing by the day. We have been able to conquer so many barriers because of our diversity. Latin music is contagious because of our sound, our wide variety and range in our music.

You’ve toured quite a bit with Grupo Vena, and now that you’re on your own, where would you like to take your music to? any special places you want to play live in?

After experiencing traveling the world with Vena and being able to witness the love of the people, my plan is to do the same. I want to touch the world with my music. I would love to have the experience of living in Europe.

How was it Working with Musicólogo, what did you like the best about that experience?

Working with Musicologo was such an honor and such a unique experience. I have worked and been around many artists in my career. Musicologo is one of the few artists that showed me so much respect, so much humbleness and passion. The best experience working with him was creating “Soltera” in the studio.

With “Soltera” finally out, what’s next for you? what are you working on right now?

More music is next! More collaborations and more music videos. Slowly but surely, Live concerts are starting to normalize and my biggest goal this year is to be back on stage. I am currently working on my next music video for my next song.

Besides Music, what else do you feel strongly about? What do you think you’d be doing besides performing on a stage?

Arts has ALWAYS been my thing. From dancing, to singing, to writing, to choreographing, to styling, acting, I can keep going! Truly, I don’t know what I would be doing if it’s not performing on stage.

Finally: What do your have TOO MUCH LOVE for?

I have TOO MUCH LOVE for love.


Image by: Natalia Aguilera



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